First, I have to say Paloma is passionate about what she does! And that right there to me tells me a lot about her professionalism; constantly learning and bringing this great knowledge that few here are even aware of! I’m a true believer in energy, and well, in the work she does. To me, this is a customizable approach, as we each have different needs & wants, and working together with Paloma, we can clearly see through Feng Shui, the areas we are great in our lives, and others that definitely need some improvement, ouch! And is really amazing but just doing her work and what she says and thinking about my life in general, how it really makes sense.. But that’s the current “reality” per se, NOW comes her recommendations, and what you need to do to then take advantage of what Feng Shui can do for you… and if you listen, and proactively make those changes, is wonderful the changes you will see in your life! - and some immediatelly.. 😉

Roberta Ingletto, President | Design Build Remodel by Concierge