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Classical Feng Shui is a metaphysical science that originated in China more than 1,000 years ago and was used only by the Emperors through their advisors, not the common people. It began as Yin House Feng Shui and its purpose was to study graves and burial grounds in correlation with the land forms, Mountains and…
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Paloma will personally come to your home, apartment or business to assess the premises and its surroundings. We suggest  that you have floor plans or sketches of the premises readily available to speed up the measuring process and reduce error. The first steps will be to take onsite measurements of your facing direction and plot…
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Your Life

Happiness is achieved through balance. If any one aspect of your life is lacking, you will experience setbacks in other areas. Your home is an extension of your self.  It also requires balance. If your home or office is missing a Palace (or key area) it will directly affect a corresponding aspect of your life…
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