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Happiness is achieved through balance. If any one aspect of your life is lacking, you will experience setbacks in other areas. Your home is an extension of your self.  It also requires balance. If your home or office is missing a Palace (or key area) it will directly affect a corresponding aspect of your life or business.

Just as we humans are affected by the energy of the air we breathe, the food we eat, and the people that surround us, so are our homes and offices affected by the Qi (or natural earth-energy) that flows through them.

We should give more importance to our surroundings with respect to our well-being. Just by breathing, we are staying alive; Qi permeates the air as well as planet Earth. This energy affects living things and mankind cannot live without its omnipotent influence.

We only advise our clients to buy, rent, or build homes and offices that are as close to symmetrical as possible. If the property is missing a key area (such as in an L-shaped or U-shaped home), there will be a corresponding absence of Qi and consequent problems related to that aspect of your life or business.


Just as poor air quality, an inadequate diet, and/or negative emotions can lead to health issues; problems with Qi energy flow in your home can also lead to poor health. Sleeping in certain areas can result in you receiving too much negative Qi and thereby increase the chances of sickness. Remodeling or disturbing certain areas where the bad yearly afflictions are taking place, mishaps, and fatalities can take place.


If your home or business does not correspond to your personal life palace you will not be able to achieve sufficient monetary wealth. Where the Mouth of the Qi and what type of energy your property is receiving is crucial for the development of wealth. It is important to activate and tap in to the most vibrant and positive Qi of period 8 (2004-2024) in order to activate all the goodness that it can provide for you.

They are many key aspects of wealth within your business: The need to attract more clients, increase yield returns, attract recurring costumers, investment opportunities or the interpersonal relations within your corporation can make a big difference.


If the Qi (or natural energy) is not properly distributed within your living space, or a member of your family does not receive energy that corresponds to their personalized year of birth the person will not thrive. Partnership and love are very important factors in the life of any human being. By stimulating certain personalized areas of your home or business we can help you enhance this areas of your life.

Earth’s Feng Shui is very dynamic, it is constantly moving, The most important changes occur every year in accordance to the Chinese New Year’s Solar Calendar, staring February 4th. It is always important to make changes and start following the good annual stars that correspond to each area and avoid disturbing, using or living in the areas where the negative energies are residing. It is highly recommend to take a Feng Shui consultation each year to maximize it’s benefits.

Here are some examples of How Feng Shui can help you :

-Flow of money

-Achieving wealth

-Relationships in your life at home and work

-Create better opportunities

-Career advancement

-Academic studies (adults and children)

-Better health

-Making right decision acquiring new property


-Creating new business

-Avoid disturbing the Grand Duke (Tai Su) resides in the SW in 2015.

-Avoid the Three Killings San Sha, resides in the W in 2015.

-Avoid activation of the star #5 yellow calamity that resides in the W in 2015.

-Avoid activation of star #2 earth sickness, resides in the SE in 2015.

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