What We Do

We use Feng Shui as a tool to help you transform your life.  We begin by analyzing both the Long-Term and Short-Term Feng Shui in your environment to map, attract, harness and activate the natural existing energy flow (Qi) within your property. With this knowledge we work to maximize your good fortune, bring about more opportunities, vibrant health, as well as attract better relationships while minimizing misfortune and avoiding setbacks.

In the world of Chinese Metaphysics there are 3 types of luck, each affecting  1/3rd  of the equation:

  • Heaven’s Luck (your astrology, your destiny code; what is given to you);
  • Man’s Luck (What you create for yourself; your own hard work, efforts and beliefs).
  • Earth’s Luck (Feng Shui, the natural forces that circulates through our environment, the powers of the land, the cosmic breath) the quality of the Feng Shui can directly affect your life helping you maximize personal results in terms of wealth, health, relationships and general well being. Make use of this 1/3rd to help you get ahead in the game of life.

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