Real Estate

Paloma Gallardo Hvide has been a registered active Realtor for the past 12 years.  Formerly Sales Associate for some of the most important Real Estate Companies in Miami, Florida like Fortune International Realty, Ocean View Realty and at the present Florida Republic Real Estate.

It is crucial for any home, office or business buyer to analyze the property before making such an important purchase or rent that will directly affect your personal life so much.

It can make an enormous difference to select the correct location for a new business, especially if it will need good flow of costumers.

It is highly recommended to asses the internal Qi flow in a property before buying it. Classical Feng Shui is a form of “house fortune telling” that can help us prognosticate what its most likely to happen in that property as long as you live there. So it is much easier to try to find a solution before its too late.

It is highly recommended to asses the Qi flow before purchasing, that try to fix something that may not have a possible solution or requires an enormous amount of money. Do not commit the mistake of buying or renting the wrong property for you!

Beside providing Real Estate services, We work together with the Best Realtors in Miami best suited for you, that can help you find the correct property for a successful career, happy family life, and a Healthy strong life to succeed and thrive!

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