Interior Decorating/Interior Design

Paloma Gallardo Hvide has been a Certified Interior Decorator (CID) and also a Realtor for many years. Good living surrounded by beauty is her motto.

Your taste, your choice: Minimalist, traditional, modern, contemporary, eclectic, shabby chic, transitional etc.

Feng Shui by Paloma also offer full Interior Decorating Services for your home or business only after a Professional Feng Shui Consultation. It is important to distinguish that Authentic Classical Feng Shui does not relate to Interior Decor as it has been mistakenly confused. They are two separate things that benefit from each other:

For example, if in a certain year the benevolent star #8 resides in a usable area of your home or business the advice will be to activate and stimulate that area in a specific way. Activating it with a water source is not always recommended for certain locations that do not support water for that time period, so by following the suggested recommendations, the area can be properly activated by creating a more usable space like setting up and office or work studio. This is when you may need to use the interior decorating services to make the space suitable for the special needs.

Feng Shui by Paloma also works directly with some of the best Interior Designers in the area to achieve the maximum use of good energy that will flow in to your property and at the same time beautify your environment with great style!

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