Paloma will personally come to your home, apartment or business to assess the premises and its surroundings. We suggest  that you have floor plans or sketches of the premises readily available to speed up the measuring process and reduce error. The first steps will be to take onsite measurements of your facing direction and plot the Xuan Gong Flying Stars (Natal Chart). These measurements are used to read the natural existing energy flow and how it affects your personal space. As part of the consultation you will have an in-depth discussion of what you wish to achieve from Feng Shui so that we can provide an assessment tailored to your specific Qi map and how it impacts your goals. We will work with you to prepare a plan of how to minimize negative effects on your life while maximizing your best potential.

The consultation takes about 2.5 hrs of extensive deep talking and explanation so it is recommended not to have any distractions to be able to assimilate, understand and pay full attention to the information presented. You will be able to keep the map and will have the opportunity to take notes and ask as questions of your desire to obtain the best advise. Your information is confidential, individualized and very private. I highly recommend saving the information given to always have the main chart readily available for future consultations.

This consultation involves many other theories and forms of practice combined together to maximize results as well as personal coaching for a life transformation experience.

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