In Classical Feng Shui, cures are considered to be a secondary approach. It is preferred to avoid the area and not disturb or activate the negative enrergies. But this is an inexpensive and  powerful cure that works!

-You need an inexpensive metal bowl (metal produces water in the 5 element cycle)

-Fill it with ¾ of Rock Sea Salt (you can get it at a hardware store but comes in very large bags; any kind of coarse sea salt will work too.

-Add on the top of the salt forming a circle 6 metal coins Yang side up (face up). Pennies, nickels, Chinese coins, any metal coin will work fine. (#6 represents metal as well as the round/circular shape of the coins)

-Fill it up with water and put it over an inexpensive mat, plate or towel that you don’t mind throwing away to protect your furniture or floors.

-Place it in an inconspicuous open place in the area to treat (not inside a cabinet). In a corner, under the bed or under a piece of furniture will work. Just make sure it has enough open space on top of the cure.

-It will start absorbing the negative energies; it will crystallize salt around the bowl’s rim and look kind of nasty with time.

-Once is set in the area, try not to touch and handle with protective gloves.

-Keep on adding water every couple of months as it dries. If it is completely dry it will not work well.

-Dispose of it at the end of the year or replace it as need it. Throw away the whole cure in a plastic bag and then on the trash bin. Do not save anything.

In 2015 Year of the Wood Sheep (Yi Wei) is highly recommended to put one cure in the WEST area of your home or business to reduce the negative energies of the 3 Killings and #5 Yellow Calamity Star. Also in the SOUTH EAST where the #2 Sickness star resides.

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