Feng Shui for 2018 – year of the Earth Dog

Published in Natural Awakenings, February 2018

Classical Feng Shui reveals that Earth undergoes energy shifts every February, bringing prosperous energy to certain sectors of your home or office and negative afflictions to others. Correspondingly, we must make changes to our living space in order to harness the positive and avoid the negative!

Feng Shui studies energy (known as Qi or Chi) flow and its affects. Qi must first be attracted and collected outside your home, then utilized within your home in the sector where each of the 9 types of Qi (“9 Stars”) resides.

Prosperous Star (Star 8), is found in the Southeast in 2018. Use a compass to locate Southeast sector and activate Wealth and Good Fortune with water or yang elements such as a fan, TV, fountain, clock or anything in constant motion. Move furniture and use this sector as your main living area or TV room. If your main door is in the Southeast expect a prosperous year.

Happiness Star (Star 9) radiates from your home’s center in 2018. Ensure that the center of your home is clear of clutter and has open space to let Qi settle harmoniously.

Heavenly Luck Star (Star 6) is in the Southwest. Excellent career opportunities, good health, and help from others all result from activating Star 6. Activities including reading, conversations with family, or office work in this area will activate this Star. If your main door is in Star 6, activation occurs every time you enter the house.

Victory Star (Star 1) is in Northwest sector. Work or study in this sector will provide opportunities for wealth accumulation and improvements to academic pursuits. Star 1 helps with anything related to literature or the written word.

Romance and Scholastic Luck Star (Star 4) falls in the South. Star 4 is conductive for anything associated with academic and intellectual pursuits and short romance. People working in creative and artistic fields greatly benefit from it.. If your main door is located here, travelling could have positive outcomes this year and relationships will flourish.

Like Yin & Yang every year’s positive comes with destructive energy sectors. AVOID major activities, renovations, groundbreaking, or sleeping in them to prevent financial loss, illness, accidents, and arguments.

Deadly Yellow Star (Star 5) is in the North. It is the worst afflicted area in 2018 because the ‘Three Killings’ falls in the same sector as the 5 Deadly Yellow!  Everyone must completely avoid any activities in the North area. If your Main door is in the North of your home, use a side door to enter the house.

The Grand Duke, considered King of the Year is in Northwest 1 sector (compass reading from home’s center between 292.6 and 307.5 degrees) The Grand Duke should be praised, respected, and undisturbed. Be mindful to put your back against Grand Duke rather than face him to harness his protective energy.

Sickness Star (Star 2) resides in the West. Health problems and medical conditions can appear or worsen. Expectant mothers MUST avoid this sector to prevent pregnancy issues. Introduce metal objects (brass, cooper, iron or bronze) to the area to mitigate negative effects.

Quarrelsome Star (Star 7) falls in the East. Activating this Star can cause scandals, violence, theft, assault, deception and backstabbing. Anyone in the public eye (celebrities, artists, journalists, PR, and politicians) should avoid this sector at all costs. Avoid sleeping in Star 7 as you will constantly deal with marital problems and arguments.

Jade Star (Star 3) resides in the Northeast. Star 3 triggers aggressiveness, stubbornness and competitiveness amongst the home’s occupants as well as legal troubles. Use fire elements (red lamps, candles, or oil lamps) to mitigate effects.

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