Tip: Stand at the center of your property or office building. With a compass point to the NORTH, that whole space is where the Annual Star #8 resides for 2015 Year of the Wood Sheep (Yi Wei). This star contains the Wang Qi, the most vibrant positive energy of the year. Activate it by using that space more often and spend more time there absorbing its good energy. Work from there, add Yang moving devices, fans, TV rooms, open the windows and doors and let the good energy flow in. It is the perfect spot for flowing clean water that collects like fountains, aquariums, pet water bowls. The bigger the water feature the better. Water will be at its best here because the Ling Zheng fully supports it during this period 8 (2004-2024). Do not miss this opportunity! It will bring prosperity and success to all who use it.

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