Paloma Gallardo Hvide is the founder of Feng Shui by Paloma, a Classical Feng Shui Consulting firm in Miami, Florida. After over 10 years of practicing Feng Shui for Interior Decorating, She decided to take her studies to the next level and travel to Asia to learn more from the most acclaimed Feng Shui Masters. As part of her studies she learned that authentic real Classical Feng Shui is based on complicated formulas and Qi analysis and not about home décor, objects, colors, crystals and all the misinformation sadly circulating out there within the boundaries of the USA known as “New Age” Feng Shui; which now we know is a derivation and misinterpretation of the original classical theories, but she was making her clients happy by helping them beautify their homes.

With her new approach in staying true to its origins, using mainly classical theories and applications, as written in the ancient classics of the Tang, Sung, Ming and Qing dynasties, Paloma will be able to help you apply Feng Shui at a higher level making a real difference in your life, not just your décor.

When she decides to advance in her knowledge and take her studies to the next level traveling directly to Asia where She and her family lived, the important factor was looking for the right master to learn the real, authentic metaphysical science. She was fortunate enough to found one of the greatest Schools of Feng Shui in Singapore, and was able to study under the teaching of Grand Master Francis Leyau.  He is the only remaining disciple in the fourth generation of the Tan Yang Wu’s San Yuan Xuan Gong Feng Shui School who practiced since the early 1900’s. Passing his knowledge and books to Master Sui Beng a great philanthropist buddhist monk at the time of second World War whom in 1983  tooked on Master Leyau as his disciple, opening later the Central Academy of Feng Shui where Paloma Gallardo Hvide personally learned this amazing Metaphysical Science that has transform hers and many of her clients lives.

After opening her mind and trying to only acquire original, authentic classical knowledge about the topic, She decide to take her studies even further and learn from as many of the most Acclaimed Masters like the biggest Feng Shui and Chinese Metaphysics Celebrity Joey Yap, self made millionaire by age 26, largest author and master practitioner of Chinese Metaphysics whom she follows, admires and still learns from. She has also learned from Lillian Too, whom she stoped following due to the extensive “New Age” Theories and objects of commercialization.

Feng Shui by Paloma’s extensive knowledge, proven certified background in Classical Feng Shui makes her a true Feng Shui Expert in Miami and South Florida.

Our Prices

  • Residential Homes

    • 2½ hrs personalized on-site consultation less that 3,500 sq ft. of living area up to 4 members of the Family.
    • Price: $500 usd
  • Small Personal Office Space or Start up Small Business

    • 2½ hrs on-site consultation less than 3,500 sq ft.
    • Price: $500 usd
  • Architects, Designers, New construction, remodeling plans analysis

    • 2½ hrs personalized home, property and/or blueprint analysis.
    • Price: $500 usd

  • Real Estate

    • Personalized review and assessment on two (2) properties of your choice to help you select what is best suited to you, your family or future business.
    • $950 usd (We will not interfere with the realtor you are already working with).
  • Corporation

    • 3½ hrs on-site consultation for corporate businesses. Up to 10,000 sq ft. of office space. Includes office personalization of up to 5 high-rank executives to maximize overall business potential.
    • Price: $1,500 usd

Our Philosophy

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